The home of the future will arrive in Colombia

This is the Latin American meeting in which this Korean company presents the products that will go on sale in the coming months. Many of them are designed for the modern home. These are some of the teams that will soon take away your sleep, for the desire to have them at home. 

Be the TV remote control

If it is one of those who often miss the remote control and hates having to get up from their comfortable seat to start an endless search, the Smart TV has the solution, with its televisions with voice control, motion control and face recognition, with which can perform most operations of the TV, from on to off. 

These televisions have an HD (High Definition) camera and dual microphones. In addition, as other lines of this type of products already have, it is possible to browse from the internet. It also includes the ‘AllShare Play’ technology that allows the transfer of content from different devices, wirelessly, regardless of its location.

Samsung claims to be aware that consumers are indisposed to watch a new TV that is quickly relegated by technological innovations. Therefore, Smart TV has an evolution kit, through which you can make the updates that appear. 

Washers with wi-fi? 

Although it sounds strange, the ‘Grace’ washing machines, with a washing capacity of 19 kilograms, have a system that seeks to make life easier for its users and save them time. Hence, it requires a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), so that users can be connected to the washer cycle without being close to the machine.

Can you imagine that through mobile applications you can advance this type of work on the way home? Yes, it is possible to monitor the cycle selections, the remaining time and receives alerts of the completion of the process. In addition, the washing machine will report possible problems.

In washing and drying processes, it has among its innovations a steam cycle, which aims to optimize the removal of stains, reduce the formation of wrinkles and strengthen the tissues of garments. 

More capacity, less space

With increasingly smaller houses and apartments, it is necessary to optimize every square meter of the place. Hence, Samsung’s idea of ​​creating refrigerators with a capacity of 101 liters, without increasing the space of the appliance. All these thanks to the ultra-thin insulation, which allows reducing the width of the walls inside the refrigerator. 

Its design is with French doors, and it has sections in which the user can customize the temperature of each one, depending on the type of food stored. 

Robotina arrives Have

had you seen with envy how The Supersonic ones have Robotina, a robot that takes care of all the cleaning and even has a good sense of humor?

Technology approaches these types of dreams with NaviBot S, a robotic floor cleaning device without manual intervention, simply by pressing a button that starts its work. 

It uses a navigation system with a camera and a sensor to create a map of the areas to be cleaned and remember how far it did each time so that when performing the actions of recharging power and automatic maintenance, the robot is ready to Go back to work and finish homework. 

For ease of use, it has an automatic dust emptying function. Also, clean the main brush while it is charging, so you don’t even have to worry about that job.

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