The choice of plumbing. What you need to know

One of the main components of the bathroom is plumbing. Our positive perception of this room depends directly on the quality of the plumbing and its comfortable use. That is why this issue is one of the most important when repairing the bathroom. Find best with

So, the main thing to remember when choosing plumbing is that the miser pays twice. The quality of the sink, bathtub, toilet bowl and all supply pipes determine the durability of the repair. Due to the fact that in modern renovations all pipes are installed under the finish, their durability at high water hardness should be a priority. The most durable and long-lasting are considered copper pipes, however, do not neglect metal plastic pipes. This material is not prone to corrosion and is easy enough to install.

When choosing a bathtub, it is also worth thinking about the pros and cons. First, you must decide on its size, because this element of the bathroom can be replaced very rarely, and with an uncomfortable bath is uncomfortable to live. In addition to differences in size, baths come in different shapes – angular, short, narrow, wide, round. If the size of your bathroom allows it, you’d better prefer a comfortable wide bath, in which it will be nice to relax after a day of work.

According to the material today are represented by baths of acrylic and cast iron. A cast-iron bath has a lot of advantages. It is durable, does not absorb odors, durable, but very heavy. If you still prefer an acrylic bath, then pay special attention to its quality. Very often acrylic baths have a specific smell, so here it is better to overpay a little, but you are guaranteed high quality.

Another important tip – choose all the elements of sanitary ware from one series from one manufacturer. Very often the enamel color of different bathroom elements is different, and this can spoil the overall look of the room.

The choice of toilet bowl today is also very wide. In addition to differences in shape, modern sanitary ware also offers toilets with a barrel built into the wall or even hanging above the floor. This question remains purely a matter of taste, but one thing is certain – the quality of your plumbing should not be compromised. After all, you are making a choice for several years or even a decade, so here it is better to give preference to proven brands.

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