Robots will distribute food at 100 US universities

The San Francisco-based firm (California, USA) explained that automata use a “combination” of sensor systems, artificial intelligence, and automated learning to “learn to travel on sidewalks and circumvent any obstacle.”

The robots are about the size and shape of a portable fridge, they are gray, they carry an orange pennant so that pedestrians and other vehicles can quickly identify them and are able to climb curbs, cross streets and circulate at night, in addition to in the rain and snow, but they can’t climb stairs.

  • “A whole generation of university students are growing in a world where they expect to receive deliveries from a robot after ordering from their phones. Our clients appreciate how we have made their lives easier and have allowed them to recover their time,” said Starship Technologies CEO Lex Bayer as the announcement was made.

The company, which has already developed pilot tests at the universities of George Mason (Virginia) and Northern Arizona (Arizona), began its expansion this Tuesday at the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), which will be followed by Purdue University (Indiana) in September and more than 90 in the next 24 months.

The company said that robots that already have operations worldwide had distributed thousands of pizzas, milk bottles, coffees, fruits, diapers, and sushi dishes, at an average service cost of $ 1.99.

In parallel, the Californian company revealed to have closed a new round of financing worth 40 million dollars, which puts the total money collected by the company since its foundation at 85 million dollars.

Deliveries with robots are becoming increasingly common in the United States, where large firms such as Amazon and FedEx, in addition to multiple startups, are experiencing or have already launched services of these characteristics.

One of the first and most famous of these robots is the Kiwibot, of the Colombian company Kiwi, which for months has been circulating in the streets of the town of Berkeley (California) carrying snacks and drinks to deliver, in most cases, to students of the University of Berkeley.

Last December, one of these cute robots equipped with a digital “face” that replicates human expressions, caught fire during one of his journeys through the campus, which generated a stir among the students, who even dedicated a place of vigil in their Memory with flowers and candles.

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