Meet the intelligent vacuum cleaners. Review

In addition to refrigerators, and automatic stoves, now, thanks to advances in robotics, a wide range of smart vacuum cleaners comes to the market. If you are thinking of acquiring one, but do not know much about its operation or advantages, read the following article carefully.

What are they?

A smart robotic vacuum cleaner is a small computerized cleaner that collects dust from carpets, rugs, and tiles in a complete room. It is said to be “smart” because its integrated sensors allow you to clean the floor with skill, avoiding obstacles such as sofas, lamps, and even people. Like a conventional vacuum cleaner, it picks up dirt using a mechanism that combines rotating bristles and vacuum pressure. To move around a room or living room, use a pair of drive wheels, each powered by an independent electronic motor. Both wheels can move in opposite directions, allowing the vacuum to rotate on its axis. They usually feed on a rechargeable battery.

Most smart vacuum cleaners have a circular shape, such as the iRobot Roomba 980, and on average they measure 15 to 30 centimeters in diameter. On the surface, it is possible to find a control panel with power buttons and to control the speed, either faster or slower. Some models also have an LCD monitor that presents the status of the device.


Unlike many smart devices intended for the home, intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners are very easy to use. Once the battery is well charged, put the vacuum on the floor, and press the power button. The same device will take care of the rest, without the need for extra help, it will start working by performing its cleaning tasks.

A great advantage that the intelligent vacuum cleaner has over other models of conventional vacuum cleaners is its small size. Also, its weight is much lower and can be moved inside the home without much effort. This makes it an ideal tool for older adults or people who must regulate their physical energy.

Most manufacturers include a series of accessories that optimize the cleaning process. These range from special filters and brushes to infrared limits that prevent the passage of the vacuum cleaner to some area of ​​the home, where it is not desired to intervene.

Should I get one?

If you do not have the pleasure of continuously vacuuming the carpets in your home and you are enthusiastic about new technologies, this device could be a perfect option, and the intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner will be of help to do a very cleaning job.

Of course, these devices require proper use to extend their useful life, so if you buy an intelligent vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to perform appropriate maintenance and keep it in a safe and orderly place when it is not being used.

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