How to choose a circular saw: guide to the final choice

Circular saw: which one to choose?

In this paragraph you will find out how to choose an ideal circular saw for you.

How will you do it?

Simple. We’ve prepared a series of questions and answers that will make it clear which model is best for you. In some of the answers we will also recommend a specific product, which you can also read the review of. Also, check out portable circular saw reviews.

Would you like a circular saw to carry with you at all times?

Then you can’t help but choose a handheld circular saw. Lightweight, handy and compact in design. Often also comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to carry. To find out the different models and prices, click here.

Do you want valuable help during the cutting process?

The most modern circular saws are equipped with laser guidance that traces a clearly visible signal on the workpiece so that you can follow it very easily and then make a precise cut. Of course, these models are among the most innovative. To find out prices and availability of the different models, click here.

Maximum visibility always?

If you happen to work perhaps in an environment where there is poor lighting, it will certainly be very important that the power tool of your choice is equipped with LED light, so as to illuminate your working area. Among the best models equipped with this function, we recommend Einhell rt cs 190 1.

Are you looking for an easy to use circular saw?

The requirements that should not be missing are the following: compact design, low weight, softgrip coated handle and soft start. All these features guarantee maximum comfort for easy handling of your power tool and optimum control over it right from the start. Among the best handy models we recommend Bosch gks 190 Professional.

Mini circular saw for cutting close to the edges or in tight spaces?

The mini circular saw is the ideal solution, even in the tightest of spaces or for difficult cuts close to the edges. As you can already guess, this tool boasts very small dimensions. It can also be used with just one hand. Among the best models we recommend Bosch Pks 16 Multi.

Comfort, less physical effort and work surface to work on?

If you want all this in one product, then you are looking for the table saw. The only one equipped with a special table where you will have to place the pieces to be cut. Some models also have the possibility to extend the table thanks to extensions.
Among the best bench saws we can not fail to mention two of the most popular and famous models, namely: Bosch pts 10 and Makita mlt100.

You still don’t know which model is right for you?

Do you want to base your choice on a parameter that compares quality and economy at the same time?
Also in this case we can help you choose the circular saw that best meets your needs.

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