Five robot vacuum cleaners to clean the house without being in it

We have swept a lot since in 2002 the American company iRobot, founded in 1990 by MIT robotics engineers, put on sale the first robot vacuum cleaner. The company, which until then developed equipment for space or even underwater exploration, became with its Roomba, the leading robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer. In addition to making videos of kittens, these devices have been perfected, cheaper and, also, are now able to do almost everything.


The latest release of iRobot has been Roomba i7. To avoid the constant cleaning of the garbage deposit, the company has incorporated an automatic emptying station that allows unloading up to 30 deposits, a prominent figure to forget for a while to clean the Roomba.

The i7 is the top of the range of the company, so it does not lack premium features such as the mapping of the rooms (with which it controls which rooms it cleans and when it cleans them) or the remote device operation through the Home application, so that when you get home everything is already clean.

In this case, you will have to scratch your pocket, because the Roomba i7 is for sale for 1,199 euros.


One of the companies that have managed to stand up to iRobot has been the Spanish Cecotec. Its Conga robots offer an excellent automated cleaning solution at very tight prices. An example is the Conga 3090, one of the company’s latest releases that use artificial intelligence and laser surface reading to analyze every corner of the house. Correctly, it performs a survey by projecting a beam of laser light at a distance of 6 to 8 meters to map the floor and know where the furniture and obstacles are, avoiding falls or getting stuck somewhere in the house. Besides, it not only sucks, but also sweeps, scrubs, and mop.

The Conga 3090 can also be operated from the company’s mobile application to start it even if you are not at home or program it to, for example, clean every Tuesday and Thursday at the same time.

The price of the Conga 3090 is much tighter, 349 euros, although here you can find it for 299 euros


Xiaomi also has its robot vacuum cleaner, although they are not 100% Chinese company. Xiaomi vacuum cleaners are manufactured by another Asian company, Roborock, which has decided to land in Spain to market them on its own. The first to arrive will be the S5, a device that, in addition to sweeping, is capable of passing a wet mop and that, like the previous ones, performs a surface mapping so as not to leave any corner uncleaned. It can be operated remotely through the Xiaomi Mi Home application and allows voice control via smart speakers.

It can be purchased by Amazon (at the moment) in white or rose gold for 499 euros, and here you can buy it for 418 euros.


Another Spanish, SPC, has also just put its robot vacuum cleaner on sale. The Bamba Gyro 4.0 has intelligent navigation and control through the application. In this case, it works with five cleaning modes: snake, spiral, corners, back home and manual, and a time to schedule the cleaning of your house.

It sells for 249 euros, and here you can buy it for 169 euros.


For its part, the Chinese company Ecovacs has renewed its range of robots with the OZMO 900, a device capable of vacuuming and scrubbing in a single pass that also detects when it changes surface so as not to pass over the carpets when it is cleaning and not spoiling them.

It uses laser mapping and navigation technology, and it is possible to configure it for a very personalized cleaning. For example, set priority areas to be the first thing to clean or points where you don’t want it to happen.

With the ECOVACS Home application, you can direct and supervise your robot at any time without being at home, and it is also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo voice assistants.

It has a price of 499 euros.

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