Appliances to have a smart home

Now, this is possible with lines of refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners that connect to the devices via the internet.

Brands like LG and Samsung already have the necessary appliances for sale in Colombia to start having a smart home, a worldwide trend that grows with the concept of the internet of things. This increases with the transmission capacity of the networks that share information of all kinds and at all times, allowing you to start the washing cycle or simply to have your devices chatter.

“The massification of internet penetration and the increase in connection speeds make it possible for new appliances to incorporate connectivity technologies that facilitate the use of products and offer added value to consumers,” said Carolina Pérez, product manager of LG Colombia.

Within this selection, LG presents its smart washing machine, fridge, and oven that include different features to interact with them. On the one hand, the ‘Smart View’ function consists of a camera inside the refrigerator to monitor from the smartphone what products it stores and chat with the user through the Line instant messaging application. In addition to having the smart chef that allows you to enter information on the contents of the refrigerator and the expiration date of the products on an LCD screen so that the appliance suggests dishes to prepare.

There is also the new line of smart washing machines from Samsung with Crystal Blue, which with its Smart Control function allows you to activate or pause wash cycles, receive alert messages or control the status of the washing machine from anywhere through a smartphone. So you can arrive from the market, load the entire bottle of the detergent in the automatic dispenser of the washing machine and she will only use it washing after washing throughout the month.

“All our products are designed to generate a positive effect on society: from the possibility of handling them from the armchair or from before arriving at the house, until guaranteeing energy efficiency to the safety and independence of our population,” explains Guillermo Fernández, Marketing and Product Manager of Samsung White Line.

The fridge with a camera inside

This LG refrigerator will let you know what you need to buy thanks to the camera that is built into the device. Through the Line service, you will contact her and it is priced at $ 7 million.

Wash without any worries

With the Samsung washing machine, you have the possibility to know the load, detergent, water and everything the device needs through your cell phone. You can purchase it at a cost of more than $ 3.5 million.

More than the temperatures

Although it has not yet reached the Colombian market, LG already has its high technology incorporated in its microwave ovens, also with remote controls to know how our oven is doing. It costs $ 1.3 million.

Air intelligence

The internet is also included in the Samsung air conditioners, which are no longer tied to an old control. You can already be sure that when you get home you will have the correct temperature. Cost $ 1,799,000.

Programming remotely

Another smart product from LG is your washing machine that, through the Home Chat application, allows you to have updated information on the status of the washing machine and program it remotely. It costs $ 3.5 million.

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